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Protecting customers from themselves

posted by : admintext

Date : 17 th Jul,2018

There are strict rules for texting and we protect our customers
Business texting rules are very different than personal ones. Customers have an expectation of privacy with texting that they don’t with email. You have to have explicit written permission to send commercial messages via text. That’s why we have to manage the process and limit it to protect you from the potential issues with it. This is why Call or Text only allows you to reply to texts and doesn’t allow you to send a text to someone who hasn’t texted you recently.  By texting you a question they are implying that you have permission to answer it. Only PRO users can do text broadcasts.  And in order to send commercial messages to customers they have to subscribe which they can do by texting you the words subscribe or join or coupons right to your local number. They can also unsubscribe by texting the words stop quit or unsubscribe or remove.  There’s a lot more to this but that explains some of the basics.