You can’t text to an old landline, at least not untill now. Now you can get texts on ANY land line, with the Free CALLorTEXT App! Here’s “How It Works!”

All you have to do is register your existing business number with this FREE App and any texts to the landline will show up on the App. It allows you to receive and answer the texts to the landline on your smart phone, and when you respond they show as coming from your business number. You can have multiple people log in and use the app and you all see the text and answers and nobody ever sees your cell phone numbers.

It opens up a whole new way to interract with your customers, to receive orders and answer questions. And your customers are already addicted to texting because we would all rather text 5 to 10 words than spend 5 to 15 minutes on the phone.

You'll be receiving texts within minutes for FREE with these 7 easy steps